Investigative Scope of Services

Pledge of Confidentiality: Protecting the integrity of the client’s matter is of the utmost importance and priority. Years of handling sensitive investigative profiles and background data has resulted in a keen understanding the meaning of confidentiality.

In a new service, Rod Leith Investigations,LLC is engaged as a sub-consultant to DDCues LLC, an internationally recognized risk management firm. As an intelligence officer employed by DDCues in New York, Rod Leith is assigned as a member of  the K2 Intelligence Integrity Monitor team at the construction projects for the new Moynihan Train Park and the expansion of Javits Convention Center. These are multi-billion dollar projects sponsored by the New York Empire State Development Corporation, which appointed K2 as its watchdog. As an intelligence officer, Leith is applying his investigative and analytical skills to support the vetting of the projects' subcontractors and provide vital construction site observations and industry intelligence. 

Due Diligence & Investigative Services Scope of service
Background on Individuals and Businesses
Outline the Subject of Research and Inquiry

Phase I

  • Identify the subject’s area of interest or industry
  • Identify human sources of information
  • Identify media specialists in the field of interest
  • identify former associates or employees of the subject
Phase II
  • Inquire with or interview knowledgeable persons familiar with the subject
  • Identify and analyze reports, articles, legal brief or depositions, and other pertinent documents of value to understanding the subject’s background
  • Test reliability of all collected data against known profiles of the individual or business*
  • This can include information provided by the client or retrieved from commercial database sources.
Phase III
  • Report findings
  • Provide recommended further background and investigative steps